Quinn MoorePresident
Josh LogginsVice President
Brent MewhinneyTreasurer
Todd MewhinneySecretary
Ryan Berryman
Tom Linkmeyer
Tony Miller
Dave Taylor
Hugh Cherry
Tony Cookerly
Mike Mundy
Joe Perkins
Eric Riggs
Jim Sorgi
Eric Charles
Brad Harris
Mike Helton
Eric Wiggins
David Mundy
Jeff Bannon
BJ Sigler
Todd Taylor
CJ Glander
Brody Ring
Adam Meyer

The individuals currently serving on the Board of Directors including officers for 2019-2020 are listed on this page. Directors serve three year rotating terms on the Board and can be renewed for additional terms at the will of the Board. New Directors are recruited by the existing Board based on organizational needs and experience expertise of the individual that may serve the organization’s overall mission and direction. The Board of Directors meets (on average) every other month to review policies, procedures, and finances. The Board operates on a fiscal year basis from Oct 1 through the following Sep 30.

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